Craft yer own Kawaii Star iPod Nano case

Saw this kawaii-happy star (looks like our mascot!) iPod nano case on Shiny Shiny. Trés cool!

Crafty Crafty: Geek Craft: Happy star felt iPod Nano case


Pinwheel Memories...

Okay, we've been cruising the YouTube archives too long. But we just had to post these kawaii videos of some of our favorite childhood cartoons. All of these hail from the beloved 80's show Pinwheel. Remember some of these...

Bunny in a Suitcase

Chapi Chapo (we used to LUBB this one!)

Get yer Cinnamon Roll here!

In 2002, Sanrio hit a kawaii home run when it released its newest character Cinnamonroll (initially known as Baby Cinnamon). We instantly fell in lubb with Cinnamonroll's floofy ears and curly-bun tail. Especially after seeing this promo vid. It's been around awhile and even was turned into a real toy that performed the same dance and song. But seeing Cinnamonroll rock it out kawaii-style is still kyoot today.

Cinnamonroll even had his own movie! Check the trailer...

So durn cute...

Parfait ParaPara!

At Hello Kawaii, we do our exercises just as much as the next girl. But not ugly stomp-n-sweat aerobics. Ew! We prefer the aesthetically-kawaii ParaPara dancing. Here is our faborite "Mickey Mouse Club" ParaPara -- done at Disneyworld, no less! Watch us get our cardio today!


Yummy Pinky!

All HK staffers would not be caught dead without a super-kawaii tube of fruity-minty Pinky! We love you Pinky Monkey! Click below to see the adora ad!