Moshi moshi, everyone! Welcome to Hello Kawaii, the blog devoted to all things cute, cute, cute! Check here often to find out about the best sugariest-sweet sites the web has to offer. Well, that's enough yip-yap -- let's get down to business!!

Visit Cute-Spot.com!

Where, oh, where did the this cutie Cinnomonroll come from? Check out the Cute Spot, home of adorable SayClub animations such as these. For those who are not familiar with the SayClub, it is a Korean site of the most loveliest animated avatars that can be downloaded to your kitputer and cellie. Here at Hello Kawaii, we would readily give our right pinkies if we knew how to download such avatars to our cellies. But alas, we do not...*sigh*... One day, perhaps...one day...

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